Speak up for Patient Safety: See it. Say it. Fix it. Poster

Speak up for Patient Safety: See it. Say it. Fix it. Poster


Teaching people to speak up and creating a dynamic environment where they will express their concerns is a key factor in establishing a culture of patient safety. Frequently the lack of a common mental model or perceived hierarchy gets in the way of people saying what they should. Team members need to state a problem or potential issue politely and persistently until they get an answer. The common practice of speaking indirectly (the “hint and hope” model) is fraught with risk. It is important to focus on the problem at hand and avoid the issue of who is right and who is wrong.

Place these posters throughout your facility to remind staff about patient safety and using assertive techniques. The assertiveness model presented on these posters is "See it. Say it. Fix it." This simple but effective technique is used throughout organizations to reinforce patient safety and effective communication among caregivers.

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