SBAR Educational Resource Kit and Training Bundle

SBAR Educational Resource Kit and Training Bundle


Safer Healthcare's SBAR Educational Resource Kit and Training Bundle. Adapting the Joint Commission's stated industry best practice for standardized communication in healthcare, Safer Healthcare created this bundle to help you increase the use of SBAR in your organization and decrease problems resulting from ineffective communication.

This bundle equips you with 1 SBAR PowerPoint Presentation: Slides and Scripts (download),  1 SBAR Training Video for Acute Care Settings (part of our award-winning Human Factors in Healthcare Training Series), 100 SBAR Communication Worksheets and SBAR Reminder Sticky Notepads for written practice of the newly developed SBAR skill set, as well as 25 SBAR Hang Tags for easy quick reference.

Included in the Bundle...

SBAR PowerPoint Presentation: Slides and Scripts (download)
This award-winning PowerPoint presentation provides slides and scripts that you can use to train staff members about SBAR. As a turnkey learning tool, it is an easy way to create a dynamic educational session. Hospitals across the country are using this presentation to make sure SBAR becomes part of their everyday culture.

SBAR Training Video for Acute Care Settings (DVD)
This overview and training DVD gives practical illustrations of how to use the SBAR briefing model in critical care situations, late-night calls to physicians and other high risk areas. Use this video to teach your staff when and how to use SBAR in order to standardize critical conversations and share important patient information.

SBAR Communication Worksheets
Team members use these practical, full-size worksheets to organize their thoughts through self-directed step-by-step guided practice, ingraining the SBAR skill set into the patient safety culture.

SBAR Reminder Sticky Notepads
Improve your team's communication skills while on the go. These handy ready-stick adhesive notepads allow quick and easy documenting in preparation for a SBAR briefing.

SBAR Quick Reference Hang Tags
Meant to be attached behind the team member ID tags, these durable, plastic quick reference hang-tags are a great way to spread the SBAR skill set and awareness throughout an organization. The reverse side includes helpful SBAR tips for everyday use.

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