Assertiveness Skills in Healthcare (DVD)

Assertiveness Skills in Healthcare (DVD)


Assertiveness is an important communication skill. It is part of the CRM family of skills that help individuals function as effective team members in high risk settings. Assertive behaviors are instrumental in ensuring a climate of patient safety in healthcare settings. Essentially, being assertive means if you see a problem, you speak up to call attention to it and correct it. Teach your staff the importance of speaking up for patient safety.

This 8-minute training video delivers a concise introduction, technique overview and list of recommended best practices for teaching staff about this important patient safety skill. The video can be used by managers to train existing team members as well as new hires. Viewers will be instructed on the 5-step Assertion Model:

  1. Get Person's Attention: use first names and establish eye contact.
  2. Express Concern: be direct and unambiguous.
  3. State Problem: be succinct; explain as needed.
  4. Propose Action: suggest a plan or action.
  5. Reach Decision: team leader should make decision in the best interest of patient safety.

Part of the Human Factors in Healthcare Training Series, this DVD is an excellent training and education resource. It is currently being used by hospitals, healthcare systems and outpatient surgery centers across the United States, Canada, China, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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