Assertive Behavior in Healthcare Booklet (Download)

Assertive Behavior in Healthcare Booklet (Download)


Assertive behavior is critical in high-risk hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Having the confidence and skills to draw attention to identified issues and help resolve them without impact to patient care or patient safety is tantamount to overall patient quality of care and cost savings.

Safer Healthcare’s “Assertive Behavior in Healthcare” training guide helps you and your staff learn the following:

  1. The two different, easy-to-learn-and-remember models of Assertive Behavior
  2. The difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness
  3. The benefits of assertiveness
  4. How to become more assertive
  5. Helpful hints in learning to be more assertive and in training your team to be more assertive
  6. Assertiveness and leadership

12-page PDF

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