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Given the amounts of waste and error that currently exist in the delivery of healthcare, improving current processes and designing new processes using Lean and standardization programs are the first steps in achieving and sustaining reliability in high-quality, safe and cost-effective care.

Implementing modest Lean improvements in healthcare facilities across the US can help reduce healthcare costs by billions of dollars each year. These costs can significantly decrease by cutting the red tape, preventing medical mistakes, providing improved patient care and initiating cost-saving efficiencies.

A Lean business strategy can make an immediate impact in quality, cost and safety. The many uses of Lean improvements in healthcare include:
  • Preventing medical mistakes
  • Decreasing mortality rates
  • Lessening lengths of stay
  • Improving the patient care experience
  • Shortening patient wait times
  • Increasing the quality of care delivered
  • Reducing costs

Lean Principles in Healthcare

There are ample opportunities to implement Lean methodologies across the entire healthcare system and across individual hospital systems. From hospitals departments to clinics to practices, an effective training and implementation program coupled with the alignment of executive teams, boards and partners, success can be realized quickly and return on investment can be measured in days.

The impact of implementing Lean methodologies has provided many benefits and success stories, such as:
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital changed the ER patient flow, allowing the hospital to treat at least 10,000 more patients annually. – Tampa Bay Business Journal
  • The Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative cut the amount of reported central line-associated bloodstream infections by more than 50%. The rate per 1,000 line days (the measure hospitals use) plummeted from 4.2 to 1.9. – (American Society for Quality)
  • H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute is expected to increase procedural volume by 12%, which will add nearly $8 million annually in incremental margin. – Tampa Bay Business Journal
  • A large metropolitan hospital system reduced inpatient transfers by 75% and has $2 million annual cost savings. –
  • A top-five hospital system used Lean to redesign its transplant unit and as a result improved patient satisfaction by 50% within three months; the cost of care was reduced by 15%. – Quality Digest
  • St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital made a 78% cut in the number of steps emergency department nurses take to get supplies. – USA Today
  • A major hospital in the United States was able to reduce inpatient mortality rates by 47.8%. –
  • North Mississippi Medical Center reduced the number of prescription errors in discharge documents by 50%. – (American Society for Quality)
  • The Mayo Clinic’s Rochester Transplant Center reduced the cycle time from when a new patient made initial contact to setting up an appointment from 45 days to 3 days. –
  • Mercy Medical Center decreased in-hospital mortality rates from 6.7% to 3.5%, a 47.8% reduction. – Medical News Today

Safer Healthcare is recognized as a leader in Lean education. We offer programs that feature dynamic educational and implementation programs as well as access to a robust suite of training tools and resources. Our affordable Lean training programs are the most convenient and comprehensive training programs available. Participants learn essential skills to produce extraordinary results for their organization and their career.

Lean professionals save companies approximately $250,000 per project and can complete four to six projects per year. In other words, for each Lean professional in your organization, you can realize approximately $1 million in savings per year.

Through specific healthcare examples and case studies, Safer Healthcare’s Lean Transformation in Healthcare program teaches you how the unique problems in the healthcare industry can be solved using Lean techniques. This proven program shows you how to apply Lean methodologies to eliminate non value-added steps, and reduce defects and variation, resulting in more efficient processes, better patient care and a stronger bottom line. Learn how healthcare organizations of all sizes – from small, rural clinics to large metropolitan hospital systems – can integrate the many uses of Lean in healthcare practices to improve every aspect of their organization.

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