Perfect Patient Index

CRM skills accelerate a patient safety mindset by improving interpersonal dynamics and organizational culture.  These skills can be successfully embedded within a high risk organization to achieve standardized communication, teamwork, quality improvement and high reliability.  In essence, addressing the culture of the organization.

Many times leaders have difficulty measuring cultural efficacy and do not have empirical evidence that the tools are being implemented and the skills are being absorbed into the culture of the organization. 

The Perfect Patient Index puts a face to culture, by turning from subjective and abstract opinions to objective and finite data.  Now the team can rally around cultural data and trends versus varied opinion and personal bias.  Through structured analytics based on daily feedback, the Perfect Patient Index (PPI) provides this visibility. 

PPI ensures:

  • Maintained Policies
  • Adherence to established Procedures
  • Performance to expected Schedule

Leaders use this data and analytics to drive process improvements and to inculcate CRM practices into the organization’s way of life. 

PPI results speak for themselves, as positive PPI trends indicate:

  • Effective Teamwork
  • Standardized Communication
  • Physician Engagement
  • Accountability Metrics for Team Members
  • Leadership Visibility and Engagement
  • Cross-Checking & Verifying
  • Assertion & Advocacy
  • Identifying Red Flags
  • Situational Awareness 

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