Leadership Development Programs

Safer Healthcare’s leadership development programs focus on building leadership and management skills for healthcare professionals with an emphasis on clinical process improvement and program execution. These intensive training programs are designed to develop leadership and critical planning skills for healthcare staff, managers and executives.

Safer Healthcare offers a variety of leadership programs including:
  • 1day Executive Management CRM Retreat
  • 1day High Reliability in Healthcare Management Retreat
  • Implementing Leadership Walk-Rounds 3day on-site Program
  • 2day Program Manager Leadership Development Workshop

Any manager considering implementing a patient safety program or quality initiative, especially a CRM or Lean educational program, whether at the unit-level or throughout an entire healthcare system, should participate in the Program Manager Leadership Development Workshop. The program is designed to equip participants with the advanced knowledge and skills that are essential for managing the escalating challenges in today's competitive healthcare environment. The curriculum integrates a focus on the development of an organizational-wide patient safety culture and the achievement of high reliability in the delivery of safe and reliable care.

Each of our courses include the following key topics and considerations:
  • Planning for organizational change and behavioral modifications
  • Inspiring team performance
  • Implementing organizational change
  • Creating a High Reliability Healthcare Organization
Through a highly interactive, seminar-style classroom environment with peers and faculty, participants directly apply recently learned business knowledge, industry best practices and insights to current healthcare situations and challenges.
  • Upon completion of Safer Healthcare's leadership training, you will be able to achieve the following:
  • Outline and develop program milestones, goals and objectives
  • Design an implementation plan for your team
  • Create a steering committee and identify internal physician champions
  • Design policies and procedures that will ensure program sustainability
  • Incorporate Human Factors skills into your program
  • Design a measurement program to document and analyze results

Safer Healthcare works closely with individuals and teams to align program goals with organizational initiatives through a full range of services, including executive coaching, strategic consulting and leadership development programs and workshops.

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