SBAR Training and SBAR Education Programs

Increasing the Effectiveness of Communication between caregivers through training and education

Safer Healthcare offers a series of robust, live SBAR training workshops to teach staff members how to use SBAR and accelerate the roll-out and usage of SBAR in your organization.

The SBAR training workshops are specifically designed to teach staff about practical and effective teamwork and communication using SBAR. The training workshops transfer to team members the following:

  • An understanding of the SBAR technique and why it is useful
  • How to use SBAR in communication situations
  • When to use SBAR in healthcare settings
  • How to increase communication productivity and reliability

Safer Healthcare’s SBAR education workshops and training sessions are delivered through a combination of information, demonstration, video examples, and practice-based methods with role playing. Each workshop is facilitated by a certified Safer Healthcare instructor and subject matter expert.

Topics covered include:

  • Human Error and Recognizing Human Limitations
  • Effective Communication: What does it look like?
  • Assertion and Speaking up for Patient Safety
  • Physician and Nurse Communication
  • SBAR Concept Overview & Key Terminology Definitions
  • When, Where and How to use SBAR
  • Team Activities and Role Playing Exercises
  • SBAR Best Practices and Helpful Techniques

Learn More about Safer Healthcare

A certified Safer Healthcare trainer delivers SBAR training workshops on-site at your organization. Workshops are designed to be scalable to fit your organization's specific need. Each workshop lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Four-to-five workshops are delivered per day, depending on the length of time you can dedicate to staff training sessions. We recommend that the maximum number of participants in each workshop to be limited to 35. Each participant in SBAR training receives a participant packet of SBAR tools and information.

Contact a Safer Healthcare training specialist today to learn more about our SBAR Training Workshops. We can create a customized training program to fit your organizational needs.