High Reliability Educator Series

All the curriculum you need to teach 24 workshops.

The key to culture change is effective, sustained exposure. But building the curriculum for professional, effective, periop-specific training sessions takes dozens of hours per session. And with so many important topics and issues to train on, developing a complete High Reliability training program is out of the question for most hospital educators.

Now Safer Healthcare has all the curriculum you need to teach 24 in-service workshops in one convenient curriculum program. Our High Reliability Educator Series covers all of the critical topics you need to reinforce and sustain your transformation to a High Reliability Healthcare Organization™, including:

For each topic you will receive copies of the printed items, a DVD with electronic copies of all the files, and binders for the series to keep all of the topical packages in one handy location. Repeat the series each year to keep your staff sharp and to reinforce your long-term commitment to these critical skills.

Drive culture change through effective sustained exposure.

Safer Healthcare's High Reliability Educator Series provides turnkey curriculum for 24 in-service sessions including the following components:

  • Instructor presentation and script
  • Educator guide with quiz and class activities
  • Student workbook
  • Quick reference guide
  • Poster
  • Digital library

Flexible enough to support a 15-minute reinforcement session or a two-hour, practice-rich deep dive.

The High Reliability Educator Series provides a turnkey educational package for each topic comprised of the following components:

  1. Instructor Presentation and Script - a professionally designed PowerPoint presentation with a complete talking-point script including interactive discussion points to stimulate class participation and sharing of experiences.
  2. Educator Guide with Quiz and Class Activities - an instructor manual with information to help prepare for the presentation, a 10 question quiz to measure student knowledge transfer, and scripted class and small group activities to reinforce learning and apply concepts.
  3. Student Workbook - an in-depth student workbook for the topic for use in the class and for reference afterwards.
  4. Quick Reference Guide - a two-page recap of the material presented in the PowerPoint presentation so students have a handy reference summarizing all of the content and techniques presented.
  5. Pre-class Topical Study Guide - a 12-page booklet explaining the subject, providing real-world examples, practical skills and references for further learning. It can be used as a pre-class assignment with a quiz to ensure understanding, and serves as a lasting, in-depth reference on the topic.
  6. Poster - a professionally designed poster on each topic to take learning out of the classroom and reinforce behavior change in the work setting.
  7. Digital Library - a DVD with electronic copies of all of the files in standard, printable file formats.

The information is evergreen. You will automatically receive one topic each month and can present the curriculum as many times as required. 

Subscription pricing

24-month subscription paid in advance: $7,995

24-month subscription billed monthly: $349/month

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