Crew Resource Management Team Training

Safer Healthcare’s Crew Resource Management team training programs are designed to improve team coordination and communication, develop associated behavioral models and facilitate the development of instructive feedback models to review performance and correct deficiencies. Programs focus on teaching teams about the basic processes underlying practical and effective teamwork including role clarification, goal setting, problem solving and interpersonal relations.

Program Goals and Outcomes

Safer Healthcare’s integrated CRM training programs are designed to develop and sustain the following key objectives:

  • Reliability of inter-disciplinary team performance 
  • Increased patient safety awareness
  • Effective teamwork and standardized communication in the delivery of patient care 
  • Six Sigma levels of safety and quality in the delivery of patient care 
  • Reduced level of errors and patient harm
  • Increased level of near miss and incident reporting
  • Continuous process improvement activities

Safer Healthcare works closely with your team to deliver the following outcomes: 

  • Create an environment that promotes patient safety through the use of standardized communication and effective CRM skills among frontline staff
  • Implementation and development of the following CRM family of skills:
    • Effective Teamwork and Standardized Communication
    • High Reliability Team Briefings
    • High Reliability Team Debriefings
    • Individual and Team-based Situation Awareness
    • Staff Assertiveness and the Ability to Speak up for Patient Safety
    • Physician Engagement
    • Team Leadership
    • Heightened awareness of Team-based Decision Making 
  • Develop quality improvement activities based on CRM skills and techniques
  • Develop physician champions’ CRM skills and leadership capabilities
  • Develop a peer support network for executives, physicians, nurses, program managers and staff 

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