Crew Resource Management Simulation

Simulation is becoming an integral part of team training in efforts to increase levels
of patient safety. 

Safer Healthcare’s focus in simulation training is around a specific set of communication and team-based behaviors and skills. These communication skills and team practice behaviors contribute to increased awareness and understanding of organizational structure to support team practice, effective learning through team briefings, team debriefings and situational awareness. 

Safer Healthcare’s team simulation training is based on Crew Resource Management principles and utilizes a variety of low fidelity drills coupled with observation metrics and tools. The goal is to identify deficiencies as well as the use of key skills in OR, OB, L&D, GI and other areas. 

At the conclusion of each simulation instructors provide immediate feedback to participants on: (1) what went well; (2) what did not go well; and (3) what can be improved upon during a team debriefing session. Each simulation is recorded and reviewed during the debrief. Participants experience confidence-building reviews and reinforcements in order to be better prepared in their everyday practice and delivery of patient care.

Safer Healthcare’s simulation training is designed to create situational learning for individuals and teams. It is specifically designed for hospitals to integrate into existing simulation programs or for net-new CRM training or simulation drills.  

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