Crew Resource Management Observation and Coaching Program

Safer Healthcare offers a robust data-driven observation and coaching program to measure, monitor and improve levels of teamwork, communication and quality improvement in high risk settings. We believe that situational learning is a key to hardwiring Crew Resource Management skills and techniques. 

CRM / Human factors improvement is performed not only through classroom lectures in skills training but also through its integration in formal technical training in areas such as communication, teamwork and problem resolution.  Human performance improvement is more effective if skill training is provided in the context of the real work environment through direct observation and live coaching.

Our measurement tools give you a detailed analysis of actionable data of the following: 

  • Individual understanding, behaviors and CRM skill proficiency
  • Team-based performance and skill proficiency
  • Unit-based safety and quality

Our team of expert CRM coaches is comprised of clinicians that understand how to help create and sustain physician engagement strategies using team dynamics, communication techniques and process improvement tools. We work hard to fit coaches with the environment. For instance, when working in surgical services, we use surgeons and OR nurses to coach teams. 

Detailed reports are supplied to managers, directors and administrators at the following intervals: Pre-engagement; During Engagement; Post-engagement; and On-going Monitoring.

Whether you are just exploring a CRM program or have already implemented a TeamSTEPPS or CRM program, our observation and coaching programs help organization achieve the next level of performance and reliability. 

To learn more, request detailed information about a CRM coaching and observation program for your organization. Contact our team of team training and CRM experts at 303 298 8083 or

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