Patient Safety Culture and Cultural
Change in Healthcare

Learning and Change Management in Healthcare

Safer Healthcare helps hospitals and healthcare organizations solve the people and organizational problems that often derail projects. We consider several key elements at the outset of every project, including:

  • Customized Healtcare  Change Management for the entire organization
  • Healthcare Change Management Integration (communication, culture change, organizational design, leadership development)
  • Healthcare Change Management Training Program Design, Development and Delivery
  • Human Resources Integration and Transformation
  • Human Resources Value Enhancement (blending process and technology improvements with global delivery)

People need to be both empowered and motivated in order for real change to take place and be sustained. Organizations need to achieve an equilibrium where all levels of management and staff members are both willing and able to change.

A very powerful form of measurement is to obtain patient feedback on the level and quality of service provided. This provides a significant motivation for change across all levels of management and staff. However, auditing and measuring alone will not accomplish change.

One powerful tool in healthcare change management is to engage boards in overview and measurement of quality, satisfaction and safety.

The behaviors and attitudes of individuals as well as teams, departments and entire healthcare organizations often reflect those exhibited in the executive management team. By undertaking management team building at the highest levels, this will have a ripple effect throughout the whole organization.

Changing people in influential positions can have an effect on the culture (both for good and bad). New team members and managers need to be encouraged to bring a fresh approach where needed and support existing measures that have proven effective and transformative.

A well designed organizational change program can change the culture. But be careful not to mistake reorganization for achievement.

A well designed mission, vision, and set of organizational objectives will help facilitate change by maintaining visibility among key stakeholders. Having 'a mission' is not good enough; it has to be a 'motivating mission' that inspires people and makes them feel good about coming to work.

The full cost of a healthcare change management and cultural change programme can be as difficult to assess as the benefits. Not only do management invest time and effort (in planning, listening, responding and communicating) but they can also lose things like status symbols - which are often inhibitors to effective teamwork across all levels of staff and management.

Often times we find that a lot of money has been spent by organizations on cultural change programs with little impact or measure.

While some hospitals and organizations seem to get a very poor return for their investment, they hear about a few well-publicized examples of dramatic success stories based on a particular philosophy. Yet when they try and implement this particular philosophy, it doesn't seem to work as well for their organization. Investment in a cultural change program has, to some companies, often seemed like a gamble.

This is why Crew Resource Management in healthcare is so powerful and effective in affecting change. It replaces guesswork with science.

While there is no standard formula for changing the culture of an organization, there are a variety of tools and skills that are standardized and foundational to all effective change. By selecting the most appropriate Crew Resource Management tools for your organization, Safer Healthcare can help you transform your culture in a measurable, tangible fashion. You will be able to identify the critical success factors that are unique to your particular environment and measure them to ensure success in your journey toward a high reliability organization.

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