Our Mission and Vision

Safer Healthcare is a privately held, international training, consulting and products firm focused on creating value and high reliability for our clients throughout the world. We have a unique delivery model that combines fully integrated services with kaizen training activities and operate through six distinct functional lines of business: Crew Resource Management Programming, Patient Safety Products, Lean Programming, Quality Improvement Technology, Program Development and Healthcare Research.

Our people and the way we do business are what set Safer Healthcare apart. We operate a patient safety and quality improvement business, empowering local leaders and fostering the cultural thinking required to deliver the best results for our clients.

Our business is built on relationships. With a goal to stay true to our core values, we continue to build and maintain our relationships through superior performance, local awareness and safety, quality and reliability insight.

Our Mission

Safer Healthcare is committed to the elimination of medical errors in the Healthcare industry and the establishment of a patient safety culture through the creation of High Reliability Healthcare Organizations (HRHO’s).

Our Purpose

Safer Healthcare is dedicated to the development, delivery and sustainability of effective quality and safety improvement products and services designed to provide practitioner training, education and organizational improvement.

Our Pledge

Our objective is to ensure that our products and services deliver the highest quality of patient safety and quality improvement training and skill development in the industry through employing the talents of the world’s leading experts.

Our Challenge

Our challenge is to ensure that healthcare providers understand the responsibility and benefits of implementing patient safety and quality programs that are not only in compliance with the standards of the industry, but also creates a culture consistent and sustainable quality and safety.

Our Progress

We maintain that effective patient safety and quality in healthcare organizations can only be achieved through the implementation of comprehensive programs, from development through sustainability efforts. While some good progress has been made to advance patient safety and quality in healthcare, we recognize that there is much more work to do in the industry. Our aim is to deliver products and services that teach healthcare providers and practitioners how to work create and sustain a patient safety and quality healthcare environment.

Each and every product and service that Safer Healthcare provides must live up to the above standards of purpose and function. When developing new products, careful consideration must be paid to each of these founding principles.

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