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Safer Healthcare’s SBAR and other training solutions have been implemented in hospitals around the world. Our Lean leadership in healthcare solutions, teamwork in hospitals training and patient safety products are used in 15% of all US hospitals. We have implemented Crew Resource Management in healthcare programs in over 100 hospitals. Our solutions are used by leading institutions and health care systems from Mayo Clinic to the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong.

Below is a sample of quotes and testimonials from some of our many satisfied clients. In fact, our award-winning programs have been consistently rated in the 97th percentile of improving patient safety in hospitals with educational programs



“I didn't want another day to go by without letting you know what a great job the Safer Healthcare team did while on-site at our hospital. The evaluations for the training sessions ranked consistently excellent. The team did a terrific job at engaging our staff. Because of the successful training, our next Crew Resource Management team training sessions are booked solid – including many physicians.”

Debbie Foshee
VP Medical Staff & Quality, Adventist Healthcare


“Thank you for creating an excellent Crew Resource Management program for our hospital. The Crew Resource Management program was very well received by our staff and physicians. I have had numerous responses, all positive, from both physicians and non-physician staff alike. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who may be interested in a similar program. Thank you again for all your help and guidance.”

Mary Catalano
Administrative Director, Perioperative Services, Stony Brook University Medical Center


"We needed a speaker who could help us launch the SBAR communication technique and Safer Healthcare gave us the lift off we needed. They provided an excellent keynote speaker and the handouts and presentation were excellent. It made our conference. We hope to have them back again.”

Sam Mignoni BSN, RN 
Education Department, St. Mary’s of Michigan

“Safer Healthcare’s educational presentations for implementing the SBAR communication technique were outstanding! The Safer Healthcare team exceeded our expectations. The content was excellent as were the examples and videos used in the presentation that reinforced the concepts for our staff. The audience loved the program and, more importantly, they went back and started to use the process immediately.”

Sue Barnason PhD, RN
BryanLGH Medical Center


“Safer Healthcare's Crew Resource Management medical team training is the foundation of our patient safety initiative. We are in our fourth year of training everyone who has a role in the delivery of care at JPS. Without question, Safer Healthcare has consistently delivered the best training product and seminars I have ever attended. I would highly recommend their training program for any unit in any hospital.”

Carl Blumberg, RN
Risk Manager, JPS Health Network


“OSF Healthcare introduced Safer Healthcare’s teamwork and communication training in 2004, and is committed to providing this valuable training throughout its entire healthcare delivery system. This critical training proactively addresses the complex issues and challenges we face as healthcare providers when delivering quality care to our community. Safer Healthcare offers an unparalleled product and workshop. We are very satisfied with their team and training. I highly recommend their Crew Resource Management solutions.”

John Whittington, MD
Patient Safety Officer, OSF Healthcare


“In our analysis, Safer Heatlhcare is by far the most thorough and successful company in applying the lessons and experiences from aviation training to the special needs and opportunities of the Operating Room team. Their Crew Resource Management programs produce dramatic results. We selected Safer Healthcare as our Crew Resource Management team training partner.”

Tom Cooper
Former Executive Director and CEO, AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses)

“Safer Healthcare was chosen to deliver our Human Factors demonstration project over several other Crew Resource Management vendors because of their exemplary track record and program model. Not only are we very satisfied with their performance and project management, they have realized substantial patient safety increases in communication, teamwork, leadership, and other key areas in each of the five, diverse surgical settings in our project.”

Leslie Durgin
Former Executive Director, AORN Foundation


“Safer Healthcare captured the attention of our key administrators, physicians and leadership team and identified vital communication deficiencies. As a result, Safer Healthcare is implementing human factor solutions to our system and is improving day-to-day communications and team behavior. Their Crew Resource Management solution is a world class program that produces real world results and savings.”

W. David Holloway, MD
Senior VP, Chief Quality Officer, Parkview Health System


“I have to share our success stories that we have had already since training a week ago. On Friday after you left, our Mother-Baby center had one of the busiest days they’ve ever had. There was a noticeable difference in the way people approached their work that day—everyone was calm and focused. The unit manager said it was the best day they’d had in years. In fact, we caught a near-miss before it adversely impact a patient. Thanks to you and the Safer Healthcare team — Crew Resource Management is a great training and educational program!”

Sally Stohler
Patient Safety Officer, Reid Hospital, Richmond, Indiana

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