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Industry leadership in patient care.

Trust the global resources of Safer Healthcare to help your organization blend the right culture with process and innovation for high reliability; improving levels of quality, safety and the reliability of patient care. Your patients, our passion.™

Safer Healthcare specializes in the delivery of specialized products and services supporting the development and sustainability of high reliability organizations (HRO) within the healthcare industry with exemplary track records of safety, efficiency, profitability and patient satisfaction.

Lean Leadership in healthcare via the best in Lean healthcare and patient safety culture, process and innovation products and resources.

Safer Healthcare’s SBAR and other training solutions have been purchased and implemented in thousands of hospitals worldwide. We have implemented Crew Resource Management in healthcare (CRM) and high reliability programs in over 100 hospitals globally. Above is a diagrammatic aid depicting our recent program implementations here in the United States.

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Blending culture, process and innovation.

Safer Healthcare's Crew Resource Management and Lean Leadership solutions are used by leading institutions and health care systems from the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) to the Hospital Authority (HA) of Hong Kong to improve teamwork and communication in high-risk environments while maximizing value and eliminating waste from the process.

We consider this blending the right culture with process improvement and innovation (a step change technology solution) for high reliability. The challenge of creating high reliability organizations is that they require strong leadership, standardized processes, procedural checks and effective communication between team members at all times.

To meet these challenges, Safer Healthcare provides the following products and services, including:

  • High Reliability Educator Series In-service Training Resources
  • Crew Resource Management in Healthcare Programs and Workshops
  • Lean Leadership in Healthcare Improvement Programs and Workshops
  • SBAR Teamwork and Communication Programs, Products and Workshops
  • Healthcare Culture Case-based Observations and Coaching
  • Patient Safety Programs, Audits and Leadership
  • Healthcare High Reliability Programs, Audits and Workshops
  • Process Improvement in Healthcare Innovation and Technology Solutions

At the heart of all of Safer Healthcare's programs and services is an ever-mindful dedication to improving patient safety and satisfaction, healthcare quality and the reliability of care while helping our clients reduce costs and drive profitability.

Lean Leadership in healthcare... helping our clients reduce costs and drive profitability.

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Helping hospitals effect positive behavioral and cultural change... and sustain it.

Safer Healthcare brings a caring and insightful yet methodical approach to helping hospitals effect positive behavior and cultural change called Crew Resource Management (CRM). Our fully integrated (CRM) programs are staffed by a team of Safer Healthcare clinical and non-clinical experts with decades of experience in all aspects of high reliability, CRM, patient safety and quality, process improvement and innovation in healthcare.

The successful completion of CRM engagements increases the efficiency and efficacy of interdisciplinary teams in order to help foster a patient safety and quality culture of excellence that is secured and sustained by a foundation of predictable behavior and reliable process.

The successful completion of CRM engagements increases the efficiency and efficacy of interdisciplinary teams in order to help foster a patient safety and quality culture of excellence that is secured and sustained by a foundation of predictable behavior and reliable process.

Safer Healthcare’s CRM program is designed to develop and sustain the following key objectives:

  • Reliability of inter-disciplinary team performance
  • Increased patient safety awareness
  • Effective teamwork and standardized communication in the delivery of care
  • Six Sigma levels of safety and quality
  • Reduced level of errors and patient harm
  • Increased level of near miss and incident reporting
  • Continuous process improvement

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We literally wrote the book on CRM in healthcare.

Crew Resource Management in healthcare book.

To learn more about Crew Resource Management, read Crew Resource Management: From Patient Safety to High Reliability written by Safer Healthcare Founder, Board Member and author, David Marshall.

This book is a comprehensive guide to the history, development and implementation of CRM in healthcare settings. It assembles the growing body of research, best practices, success stories and other pertinent information in order to explain, in one volume, the what, why and how of CRM and its documented contribution to patient safety and high reliability performance.

  • Trace CRM’s origins and development.
  • Gain a better understanding of CRM’s academic and scientific foundation.
  • Make a business case for using CRM in your organization.
  • Explain CRM’s simple and powerful training concepts to colleagues.

Receive specific suggestions, tools, and protocols necessary to implement, promote and sustain the cultural and behavioral changes needed within healthcare organizations to assure continuous high reliability performance and drive a culture of patient safety.

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Providing Lean leadership for healthcare.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) wrote To Err is Human in 1999 to relate, for the first time, the number of annual preventable medical errors in the US healthcare system and in 2001 the IOM wrote Crossing the Quality Chasm to provide us with the vision of what good looked like. The issue... there was no path to get from the current state to the IOM vision of the future state. That is where the healthcare industry turned to James Womack's Lean Thinking to provide the path to success.

The idea of using Lean to improve healthcare was (and continues to be) the right choice. However, many still try to copy the Lean principles, training and programs from the manufacturing industry and paste them into healthcare. The results have been over complication, anger, confusion, many starts and stops along the way... and very little impact to patient safety or the bottom line. Something desperately needed to change.

Safer Healthcare created the Lean leadership program for healthcare professionals to simplify process improvement. We removed the non-essential Lean elements while creating a paint-by-numbers approach to continuous improvement. In moving beyond theory, this program provides a practical and pragmatic approach to Lean improvements for all healthcare professionals. Now, instead of taking quarters and years to see process improvements, real results can happen in weeks and months.

Lean Leadership Workshop

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